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How to Plan a Wedding When You Have Very Little Money to Work With

Some people believe that in order for a wedding ceremony to be a success, they have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the event. What some people may not know is that, in this day and age, spending a lot on a wedding can easily spell disaster for a marriage.

In order for a couple to start their married life on the right foot without forgoing the lovely wedding they want, and without sinking themselves neck deep in debt just to do so, they may need to consult with a wedding planner who knows how to plan a wedding without spending more than is necessary.
How to plan a wedding on a budget can be quite tricky, especially if you have a set idea of what you want the wedding to be like in your head. First of all, in order for you to be able to put together a wedding without going over your budget, you will need to be open to the possibilities. Wedding planners will often present you with different options that can fit within your estimated budget.

These options often revolve around particular wedding themes that are easy to set-up, are held in cheap wedding venues or wedding venues that can be rented out for a small price and using wedding decorations that are not too elaborate or expensive. Some wedding planners even have all inclusive wedding packages available for those couples who want to tie the knot without spending too much but without their dreams of a memorable wedding either.

If you think that hiring a wedding planner will cost you more than you can readily afford, you may want to ask the help of friends or family who are good at planning things. These people will need to know where to get cheap wedding decorations, find venues for wedding receptions that can be had at a low cost and know how to plan a wedding without going over your budget as well.

Some of the money-saving ideas you can use in order to have the kind of low-budget wedding that you and your loved ones can enjoy and remember for a long time include the following:

  • Remodel your mom’s or a relative’s wedding dress. You don’t have to wear the dress as it is. You can find ideas for remodeling the dress from magazines and you can revamp it using materials you can get cheap at arts and crafts stores near you.
  • Wedding decorations can be made easily with the creative and innovative use of cheap fabric you can buy in textile stores near you. Try to look for light and gauzy fabrics that will look willowy and elegant or heavy, shimmery fabrics that fall well when draped.
  • Try to ask about cheap wedding venues near you. There will always be a few places that can offer you low prices for a few hours use. Parks with gazebos, restaurants with special function rooms and even wedding halls that can be used for both the ceremony and the reception are some of the options you have for this.