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Finding Cheap Wedding Venues and Cheap Wedding Packages

Las Vegas WeddingOkay, so maybe you do not like the word “cheap” but you will have to face the truth that having a cheap wedding can actually help you start your marriage on the right foot. Having a cheap wedding does not really mean that your wedding will have to be crass or tasteless. Your wedding can still be very classy, elegant and tasteful despite your use of cheap wedding venues and cheap wedding packages.

How you create a wonderful yet cost-effective wedding is all up to your ingenuity and your sense of style. While a lot of people might get a wedding planner to help them put together their dream wedding, others who are resourceful and ingenious enough learn how to plan a wedding on their own without having to stress too much about it and without digging too deep into their pockets.

Finding the Right Wedding Venues for Your Budget Wedding

Before you start thinking about finding budget-friendly wedding reception venues and wedding halls that can be used for your special day, you should first think of wedding themes and wedding reception ideas that are classy but can be carried out on a budget. Some of the wedding themes that you can consider include luau or tropical style weddings, garden weddings and even summer inspired weddings. These ideas can help you create a wedding that is both cost-effective and classy at the same time.

These very same wedding themes will help you find a cheaper wedding venue since these ideas can be executed outdoors. Outdoor weddings and garden weddings can be easily held in someone’s backyard, as long as there is ample space for it. The wedding decorations, wedding reception ideas can easily be put together on a tight budget with the use of such a wedding theme as well.

Unique but Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas

Of course, if you do not want to use someone’s backyard or front yard for your wedding, you can still find a lot of outdoor wedding venues that won’t leave you cash-strapped after the event. Depending on where you are located in the country, you should try to ask your local park authorities if you can hold your wedding in one of the parks near you. Find a park with a gazebo and other similar decorative pieces like fountains and statues on them to make your wedding more romantic and elegant. A lot of city parks actually allow weddings to take place on them for a rather small fee.

If you do not want an outdoor wedding venue but you still like the summer and tropical style wedding idea, you might want consider finding a wedding hall or wedding venue that is not too costly and decorate this with the use of summer-inspired decorations. Wedding decorations that are elegant but light and inexpensive include pastel colored summer flowers, summery cloths and plants.

Cheap Wedding Venues and Low-Cost Wedding Halls

You can actually find wedding locations that allow you to have both the ceremony and the reception in the same place. This can cut costs in the transportation and the decoration part of your budget since you will only need to get to one place and to decorate one venue for the event. Try to find wedding halls that will allow this and you can cut costs on wedding decorations in half right then and there. You can then allocate the savings you make to other parts of your wedding, like the wedding catering or even for your honeymoon.